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About J.E. Homes

About J.E. Homes

J.E. Homes is a family owned and operated general contracting business specializing in custom home building, owned and operated by Jeran Thomson. Jeran is a North Dakota native and a University of Mary alumni. Jeran has over 10 years’ experience in the home building business in North Dakota. He and his family reside in Bismarck, North Dakota.


What makes J.E. Homes different than other builders is the way we begin our project at the concept phase, when you, the client are formulating ideas and defining what is important to you.


We take pride in our commitment to quality and attention to detail, complimented with exceptional programming and integrated budgeting. Our projects are designed as part of a collaborative process from start to finish. We have an innovative and creative processes, which covers a wide range of styles and aesthetics.


We make building a home a fun and exciting experience for our clients. From the moment we break ground until the day we turn over the key to the front door, our job is to bring our clients vision to life.


For every budget, variety of building, and quantity of square footage, there’s a right way to get the job done. As a Bismarck/Mandan-based company, energy efficiency couldn’t be more important, and we’ve always been attentive with our choices regarding insulation, airflow, materials, and window placement so as to provide you long-term savings and easy maintenance for years to come.
Down to the last detail of the construction process, our attention is thorough. We take pleasure in implementing new innovations and consider each project a demonstration of our love of design. It’s this sensibility that makes us the number one choice when a young couple begins their new home—as well as a great option for the ND retiree looking to downsize and minimize steps. Small or large, each project gets the full attention and skill of our talented, experienced team of professionals.
Honesty and integrity – these words get tossed around a lot, but as values, they’re still paramount. At J.E. Homes, we stick to our bids and schedules, apply our best talents to every aspect of the job, and stay 100% committed to an end result that we and the client can be proud of. Of course, a key to making all this happen is transparent communication.
If a challenge arises, our team will immediately bring this to our client’s attention; this allows us to swiftly handle the problem with his or her wishes in mind. We have a strict “no surprises” policy for every client. Every one of our crew members subscribes to the J.E. Homes ethics, where honesty is the highest value and pride in workmanship is a must.
J.E. Homes can give you the estimate of the job within 48 hours. Contact us for your home construction needs. Expect us to call you back or reply to your email within a day.

Our Values

Our Mission

At J.E. Homes, we want to make building a home enjoyable and rewarding for our homeowners by listening to their specific needs. Some people can visualize the completed home they will live in but most cannot, at J.E. Homes, we make sure we have a understanding of your wants and needs as a home buyer in order to incorporate your ideas combined with our ideas to fulfill your dream home vision.
Building a home shouldn’t be a chore but rather an exciting adventure you go through with the home builder that you can trust and one that will maximize your experience to be memorable and positive.

To build quality homes for you to enjoy by being fair and honest while allowing a home buyer an opportunity for personal expression. We believe in hard work and hands-on job sites.

Our Philosophy